Florida SEDAN

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Help Build Florida Sedan

To All Amateur Radio Operators in Florida:

The SEDAN network in Florida has been built to this point by individual amateurs who have donated valuable equipment, sites, time, and other resources toward this effort. As we continue to expand and strengthen the network we need the continued support from the amateur community. There are several ways interested amateurs can help.

Equipment - we always need radios, power supplies, TNC's, and antennas. Donated equipment is used to expand the network coverage areas and to replace nodes that occasionally get damaged by lightning, etc. Radios with power outputs of 40 to 50 watts (or more) are preferred for nodes; MFJ 1270C, 1270B, or 1274 TNC's are preferred for node conversions. If you or your club is in a position to donate some equipment please contact me.

Sites - If your county isn't covered by SEDAN, help us find a site! Our ultimate goal is to cover the entire state. If you know of a potential site for a SEDAN node, please contact me.

Sysops - I could not administer this network without the help of the dedicated Node Sysops who help keep the network running. If you would like to sponsor a node and become a sysop, I'd like to hear from you! If you or someone you know can help build the Florida SEDAN, I can be reached via e-mail at: N2Db(at)bisbelle.com.

Barry Isbelle, N2DB
Florida SEDAN Network Manager